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  • Book
    edited by Richard O. Snyder, Philippe Moullier.
    Digital : Springer2011
    Adeno-associated virus biology / Matthew D. Weitzman and R. Michael Linden -- Design and construction of functional AAV vectors / John T. Gray and Serge Zolotukhin -- AAV capsid structure and cell interactions / Mavis Agbandje-McKenna and Jürgen Kleinschmidt -- Exploring natural diversity of AAV for the design of vectors with novel properties / Guangping Gao, Li Zhong, and Olivier Danos -- Gene therapy in skeletal muscle mediated by adeno-associated virus vectors / Chunping Qiao ... [et al.] -- AAV mediated liver-directed gene therapy / Mark S. Sands -- Recombinant AAV delivery to the central nervous system / Olivier Bockstael ... [et al.] -- Adeno-associated virus mediated gene therapy for retinal degenerative diseases / Knut Steiger ... [et al.] -- Adeno-associated virus vector delivery to the heart / Lawrence T. Bish ... [et al.] -- Evaluation of the fate of rAAV genomes following in vivo administration / K. Reed Clark and Magalie Penaud-Budloo -- Measuring immune responses to recombinant AAV gene transfer / Ashley T. Martino ... [et al.] -- Modificaton and labeling of AAV vector particles / Hildegard Büning ... [et al.] -- AAV mediated gene targeting / Daniel G. Miller -- Preclinical study design for rAAV / Terence R. Flotte, Thomas J. Conlon, and Christian Mueller -- Biodistribution and shedding of AAV vectors / Caroline Le Guiner, Phillipe Moullier, and Valder R. Arruda -- Production and purification of recombinant adeno-associated vectors / Lijun Wang ... [et al.] -- rAAV vector product characterization and stability studies / Richard O. Snyder, Muriel Audit, and Joyce D. Francis -- rAAV human trial experience / Katherine A. High and Patrick Aubourg.