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    edited by Domenico Ribatti.
    The development of the vascular system : a historical overview / Dominico Ribatti, Beatrice Nico, and Enrico Crivellato -- The corneal pocket assay / Marina Ziche and Lucia Morbidelli -- The mouse hindbrain : an in vivo model to analyze developmental angiogenesis / Alice Plein, Christiana Ruhrberg, and Alessandro Fantin -- Three-dimensional in vitro assay of endothelial cell invasion and capillary tube morphogenesis / Lauar di Blasio, Federico Bussolino, and Luca Primo -- Vascular casting for the study of vascular morphogenesis / Maximilian Ackermann and Moritz A. Konerding -- Cell-based computational modeling of vascular morphogenesis using Tissue Simulation Toolkit / Josephine T. Daub and Roeland M.H. Merks -- miRNAs expression profile in zebrafish developing vessels / Emma Ristori and Stefania Nicoli -- Imaging of cardiovascular development in mammalian embryos using optical coherence tomography / Monica D. Garcia ... [and 3 others] -- Live confocal microscopy of the developing mouse embryonic yolk sac vasculature / Andrew L. Lopez III ... [and 3 others] -- Zebrafish embryo intersegmental vesssels : a tool for investigating sprouting angiogenesis / Chiara Tobia ... [and 3 others] -- Avian area vasculosa and CAM as rapid in vivo pro-angiogenic and antiangiogenic models / Andrew N. Makanya ... [and 3 others] -- Investigating in vitro angiogenesis by computer-assisted image analysis and computational simulation / Diego Guidolin ... [and 3 others] -- A chimeric embryoid body model to study vascular morphogenesis / Yanmei Qi ... [and 4 others] -- Avians as a model system of vascular development / Michael Bressan and Takashi Mikawa -- Microfluidic model of angiogenic sprouting / Jonathan W. Song, Despina Bazou, and Lance L. Munn -- The rat aortic ring model of angiogenesis / Alfred C. Aplin and Roberto F. Nicosia -- The coculture organotypic assay of angiogenesis / Jennifer L. Allen and Harry Mellor.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015