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    edited by Ari Waisman, Burkhard Becher.
    Isolation of T cells from the skin / Beate Lorenz and Esther von Stebut
    Isolation of leukocytes from mouse central nervous system / Iva Lelios and Melanie Greter
    Isolation of T cells from the gut / Sonja Reissig, Christopher Hackenbruch, and Nadine Hövelmeyer
    T cell isolation from mouse kidneys/ Isis Ludwig-Portugall and Christian Kurts
    Intracellular staining for cytokines and transcription factors / Florian Mair and Vinko Tosevski
    Tracking cells and monitoring proliferation / Vinko Tosevski and Florian Mair
    Mass cytometry analysis of human T cell phenotype and function / Evan W. Newell and Lai Li Yun
    Detection of NF-[kappa]B pathway activation in T helper cells / Oliver Gorka, Stefan Wanninger, and Jürgen Ruland
    Assessing the suppressive activity of Foxp3⁺ regulatory T cells / Christian Thomas Mayer and Tim Sparwasser
    In vitro generation of microbe-specific human Th17 cells / Julia M. Braun and Christina E. Zielinski
    In vitro polarization of T-helper cells / Julie Rumble and Benjamin M. Segal
    A method for the generation of TCR retrogenic mice / Elisa Kieback, Ellen Hilgenberg, and Simon Fillatreau
    Mouse models of allergic airway disease / Helen Meyer-Martin, Sebastian Reuter, and Christian Taube
    Induction of colitis in mice (T-cell transfer model) / Benno Weigmann
    Manipulation of T cell function and conditional gene targeting in T cells / Anna Śledzińska,Lynsey Fairbairn, and Thorsten Buch
    Aldara-induced psoriasis-like skin inflammation : Isolation and characterization of cutaneous dendritic cells and innate lymphocytes / C.T. Wohn ... [et al.]
    Induction of passive EAE using myelin-reactive CD4+ T cells / Rhoanne C. McPherson ... [et al.]
    Experimental mouse models of T cell-dependent inflammatory bowel disease / George X. Song-Zhao and Kevin J. Maloy
    Analysis of chromosomal aberrations in murine HCC / Kristian Unger and Mathias Heikenwälder.
    Digital Access Springer 2014