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    edited by Marzia Martina, Department of Translational Bioscience, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Stefano Taverna, Department of Neuroscience & Brain Technologies, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, Italy.
    1. History of electrophysiology and the patch clamp / Alexei Verkhratsky and Vladimir Parpura
    2. Whole-cell patch-clamp analysis of recombinant NMDA receptor pharmacology using brief glutamate applications / Nathan G. Glasgow and Jon W. Johnson
    3. Patch clamp combined with voltage/concentration clamp to determine the kinetics and voltage dependency on N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor open channel blockers / Chris G. Parsons and Kate E. Gilling
    4. State-of-the-art automated patch clamp: heat activation, action potentials, and high throughput in ion channel screening / Sonja Stoelzle-Feix
    5. Industrializing electrophysiology: HT automated patch clamp on SyncroPatch96 using instant frozen cells / Liudmila Polonchuk
    6. Planar patch clamp for neuronal networks
    considerations and future perspectives / Alessandro Bosca, Marzia Martina, and Christophe Py
    7. Methods for the study of synaptic receptor functional properties / Enrica Maria Petrini and Andrea Barberis
    8. Single cell RT-PCR, a technique to decipher the electrical, anatomical, and genetic determinants of neuronal diversity / Maria Toledo-Rodriguez and Henry Markham
    9. Whole-cell voltage clamp on skeletal muscle fibers with the silicone-clamp technique / Romain Lefebvre, Sandrine Pouvreau, Claude Collet, Bruno Allard, and Vincent Jacquemond
    10. Multiphoton imaging approaches for studying striatal dendritic excitability / Joshua L. Plotkin and D. James Surmeier
    11. Investigation of synaptic microcircuits using patch-clamp paired recordings in acute brain slices / Giovanni Russo and Stefano taverna
    12. Outside-out "sniffer-patch" clamp technique for in situ measures of neurotransmitter release / Émilie Muller-Chrétien
    13. A cost-effective method for preparing, maintaining, and transfecting neurons in organotypic slices / Cary Soares, Kevin F.H. Lee, Denise Cook and Jean-Claude Béïque
    14. Acute brain slice methods for adult and aging animals: application of targeted patch clamp analysis and optogenetics / Jonathan T. Ting, Tanya L. Daigle, Qian Chen and Guoping Feng
    15. Synaptic connectivity in engineered neuronal networks / Peter Molnar, Jung-Fong Kang, Neelima Bhargava, Mainak Das and James J. Hickman
    16. Modeling of action potential generation in NG108-15 cells / Peter Molnar and James J. Hickman
    17. Whole-cell patch-clamp recordings in freely moving animals / Albert K. Lee, Jâerãome Epsztein and Michael Brecht
    18. Pressure-polished borosilicate pipettes are "universal sealer" yielding low access resistance and efficient intracellular perfusion / Marco Aquila, Mascia Benedusi, Anna Fasoli and Giorgio Rispoli
    19. Current recordings at the single channel level in adult mammalian isolated cardiomyocytes / Romain Guinamard, Thomas Hof, and Laurent Sallâe
    20. Dynamic clamp as a tool to study the functional effects of individual membrane currents / Géza Berecki, Arie O. Verkerk, Antoni C.G. van Ginneken and Ronald Wilders
    21. Dynamic clamp in cardiac and neuronal systems using RTXI / Francis A. Ortega, Robert J. Butera, David J. Christini, John A. White and Alan D. Dorval II
    22. Ion selectivity of pore-forming peptides and ion channels measured in xenopus oocytes / Thierry Cens and Pierre Charnet
    23. Principles of single-channel kinetic analysis / Feng Qin.
    Digital Access Springer 2014