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    Carlo Trombetta, Giovanni Liguori, Michele Bertolotto, editors.
    Summary: This book is especially focused on the surgical aspect on Gender Dysphoria. Male to female surgery is widely discussed as well as the female to male conversion. Full information on hormone administration and surgical procedures are provided. Mental health issues are also described, as well as ethics, the law and psychosocial issues. The text is extensively referenced and includes numerous photos, tables and figures to clearly illustrate information. Based on collaboration between international experts in transgender health, this book is an essential guide for health care professionals, educators, students, patients and patients? families concerning the psychological, hormonal, surgical and social support of transgender individuals.

    Part I General Aspects: Sexual Ambiguity: Development Of Judgement And Evaluation Criteria Over The Centuries
    Gender dysphoria: definition and evolution through the years
    The DSM Diagnostic Criteria For Gender Dysphoria
    Epidemiologic Considerations On Transsexualism
    Etiopathogenetic Hypotheses Of Transsexualism
    Imaging: Examination Technique
    Clinical Management Of Gender Dysphoria In Adolescents
    Part II Management of Male to Female: Psychological Characteristics And Sexuality Of Natal Males With Gender Dysphoria
    Endocrine Treatment Of Transsexual Male To Female Persons
    Surgical Therapy: My Personal Technique
    Surgical Therapy: Vaginoplasty In Male Transsexuals Using Penile Skin And Urethral Flap
    Surgical Therapy: Construction Of The Neovagina Using The Pelvic Peritoneum
    Surgical Therapy: Technical Suggestions For Better And Lasting Functional And Aesthetic Outcomes In Manufacturing The Neoclitoris
    Surgical Therapy: Feminization Laryngoplasty
    Surgical Therapy: Mastoplasty
    Complications Of Male To Female Vaginoplasty
    Surgery In Complications: Colon Vaginoplasty
    Surgery In Complications: Ileal Vaginoplasty
    Surgery In Complications: Management Of Prolapse
    Evaluation Of Lower Urinary Tract Function After Surgery
    Follow Up Of Patients After Male To Female (Mtf) Sex Reassignment Surgery (Srs)
    Quality Of Life After Sexual Reassignment Surgery
    Part III Management Of Female To Male: The Hot Questions In Prepubertal Gender Dysphoria In Girls
    The Female-To-Male Medical Treatment
    Surgical Therapy: Pedicle Anterolateral Thigh Flap
    Surgical Therapy: Free Forearm Flap
    Surgical Therapy: Metoidioplasty Technique And Results
    Surgical Therapy: Phalloplasthy With Suprapubic Flap-Pryor?s Technique
    Surgical Therapy: Total Phalloplasty Using Latissimus Dorsi Flap
    Surgical Therapy: Chest Wall Contouring For Female-To-Male Transsexuals
    Surgical Therapy: Possible One Step Solutions
    Surgical Therapy: Scrotal Reconstruction In Female-To-Male Transsexuals
    Penile Prosthesis Implantation In Phalloplasty In Female To Male Transsexuals
    Part IV Legislative, Ethical And Health Policy Aspects: Ethical Issues For The Practitioner Work In The Transgender Care
    Transgender Identity And Sexually Transmitted Diseases Including HIV
    Answers To Fertility Request.
    Digital Access Springer 2015