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    Peter Lanzer, editor.
    Summary: Vascular management and care has become a truly multidisciplinary enterprise. As a result of scientific progress, the number of specialists involved in the treatment of patients with vascular diseases is steadily increasing. While in the past, treatments were delivered by individual specialists, in the twenty-first century a team approach is without doubt the most effective strategy. Depending on the clinical manifestations, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular specialists, angiologists, radiologists, vascular surgeons, neurologists, neurointerventionalists, lipidologists, blood coagulation specialists, and diabetologists, to name but a few, may be involved. In order to promote professional excellence in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field, a shared knowledge base and interdisciplinary standards need to be established. PanVascular Medicine, 2nd edition℗ℓhas been designed to offer such an interdisciplinary platform, providing vascular specialists with state-of-the-art descriptive and procedural knowledge. Basic science, diagnostics, and therapy are all comprehensively covered. In a series of succinct, clearly written chapters, renowned specialists introduce and comment on the current international guidelines and present up-to-date reviews of all aspects of vascular care.℗ℓ℗ℓ℗ℓ℗ℓ℗ℓ

    Knowledge and Skills
    PanVascular domain
    Vascular Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Clinical Vascular Physiology and Pathophysiology
    Vascular Diagnosis
    X-ray Angiography and Venography
    Epidemiology and Risk Factors
    Coronary Artery Disease
    Cerebrovascular Disease
    Peripheral Artery Disease
    Vascular Disease of the Lungs
    Vascular Disease of the Gastrointestinal Tract
    Renovascular Disease
    Urogenital Vascular Disease
    Peripheral Venous Disease
    Vascular Pharmacology
    Catheter-based and Surgery-related Management Instrumentation
    Access, Hemostasis
    Coronary ? Interventional
    Coronary: Surgery
    Cerebrovascular ? Interventional
    Cerebrovascular: Interventional
    Aortic: Interventional Surgery
    Aortic, Visceral: Interventional
    Aortic, Visceral: Surgery
    Peripheral, Arterial
    Peripheral, Arterial ? Surgery
    Peripheral, Venous . Interventional and Surgery.
    Digital Access Springer 2015