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    Beate Brand-Saberi, editor.
    Summary: This book addresses the differentiation control of skeletal muscle in different locations of the vertebrate body. Particular attention is paid to novel regulatory molecules and signals as well as to the heterogeneity of origin that have revealed a developmental overlap between skeletal and cardiac muscle. Different functional muscle groups are the product of the evolution of the vertebrate classes, making a phylogenetic comparison worthwhile for understanding the role of muscle stem cells and precursors in myogenesis. New insights into the hierarchy of transcription factors, particularly in the context of these different muscle groups come from detailed investigations of the spatio-temporal and regulatory relationships derived from mouse and zebrafish genetics and avian microsurgery. Importantly, epigenetic mechanisms that have surfaced recently, in particular the role of MyomiRs, are also surveyed. Regarding human patients, encouraging results have been generated that identify parallels between embryonic myogenesis and regenerating myofibers that share regulatory molecules. Interestingly, the heterogeneity in embryonic origins of skeletal muscle groups in the vertebrate including humans is paralleled by their different susceptibility to types of muscle dystrophies. The progress that has been made in the field of muscle stem cell biology, especially on satellite cells, is outlined in this book by experts in the field. The authors review recent insights of the heterogeneous nature of these satellite cells regarding their gene signatures and regeneration potential. An improved understanding of muscle stem cells seems only possible with a view to the cell environment, putting embryological and molecular findings from different vertebrate classes and stem cell approaches into context.

    Recruitment of skeletal muscle progenitors to secondary sites: A role for CXCR4/SDF-1 signaling in skeletal muscle development
    Hypaxial muscle
    controversial classification and controversial data? Skeletal Myogenesis in the Zebrafish and its Implications for Muscle Disease Modeling
    Mechanisms of Myogenic Specification and Patterning
    The avian embryo as a model system for skeletal myogenesis
    Head Muscle Development
    The lateral plate mesoderm? a novel source of skeletal muscle
    Regulation of skeletal muscle development and disease by microRNAs
    Adult skeletal muscle stem cells
    Dormancy and quiescence of skeletal muscle stem cells.
    Digital Access Springer 2015