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    Xichun Sun.
    Summary: This book represents a daring and rarely attempted endeavor to bridge the gap between histopathology and molecular medicine in that cutting-edge molecular findings are seamlessly integrated into the key morphological features. This volume also includes discussions of short lists of organ-based benign lesions with concerning morphological features. Presented in the differential diagnosis section, they will not only serve as useful checklists for the surgical pathologist who is seriously contemplating a diagnosis of malignancy due to the observation of some cytological or histological atypia, but also help hone the key features of each malignant atypia. Well-Differentiated Malignancies: New Perspectives provides an innovative resource on the difficult topic of well-differentiated malignancies for pathology residents, fellows and for those already in clinical practice.

    Cutaneous Tissue
    Soft Tissues
    Skeletal System
    Nervous System
    Genitourinary System
    Female Reproductive System
    Gastrointestinal System, Pancreatobiliary Tract and Liver
    Lung and Pleura
    Thyroid Gland, Salivary Gland and Thymus
    Mammary Gland.
    Digital Access Springer 2015