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    Gianfranco Butera, Massimo Chessa, Andreas Eicken, John Thomson, editors ; forewords by Shakeel Qureshi and Mario Carminati.
    Summary: Congenital cardiology continues to advance at a rapid pace, with recent decades witnessing exceptional growth in the number and range of catheter-based interventions. This handbook is an ideal, up-to-date guide to the application of these procedures across the entire patient age range, from fetal life through to adulthood. Clear instruction is offered on techniques of vascular access, valve dilatation, angioplasty, stent implantation, defect closure, defect creation, pulmonary valve implantation, and the hybrid approach, as well as miscellaneous other procedures. Topics are approached using a step-by-step format, ensuring that the reader will immediately be able to access information relevant to daily practice. Many explanatory figures and drawings are included in each chapter in order to clarify further how to plan, perform, and evaluate diagnostic and interventional procedures in the field of congenital heart disease. Attention is drawn to important tips and tricks that will assist in achieving optimal outcomes. Besides the detailed descriptions of procedures, background information is provided on patient preparation, anesthesia, instrumentation, and hemodynamics. At the end of the book, an appendix includes additional general equations and BSA and oxygen consumption charts. This handbook will be an invaluable tool and a comprehensive companion for all who work in the field of congenital heart disease.

    Section I General
    Section II : Vascular access
    Section III : Step-by-step : Valve dilatation.-Vessels treatment
    Section IV Step-by-step: closure of defects.- Section V Step-by-step: creating a defect.- Section VI Step-by-step: Pulmonary Valve implantation
    Section VII Step-by-step: principles of hybrid approach.- Section VIII Step-by-step: Miscellanea
    Section IX Tables and charts: Appendix.
    Digital Access Springer 2015