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  • Book
    edited by Lawrence F. Eichenfield, Ilona J. Frieden, Erin F. Mathes, Andrea L. Zaenglein,
    Fetal Skin Development
    Structure and Function of Newborn Skin
    Lesional Morphology and Assessment
    Skin of the Premature Infant
    Neonatal Skin Care and Toxicology
    Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures
    Transient Benign Cutaneous Lesions in the Newborn
    Iatrogenic and Traumatic Injuries
    Developmental Abnormalities
    Vesicles, Pustules, Bullae, Erosions, and Ulcerations
    Inherited and Acquired Blistering Diseases
    Bacterial Infections
    Viral Infections
    Fungal Infections, Infestations, and Parasitic Infections in Neonates and Infants
    Eczematous Disorders
    Papulosquamous and Lichenoid Disorders
    Diaper Area Eruptions
    Erythrodermas, Immunodeficiency, and Metabolic Disorders
    Disorders of Cornification (Ichthyosis)
    Immunologic, Reactive, and Purpuric Disorders
    Infantile Hemangiomas and Other Vascular Tumors
    Vascular Malformations
    Hypopigmentation Disorders
    Disorders of Hyperpigmentation and Melanocytes
    Acneiform and Sweat Gland Disorders
    Lumps, Bumps, and Hamartomas
    Disorders of the Subcutaneous Tissue
    Neoplastic and Infiltrative Diseases
    Selected Hereditary Diseases
    Neonatal Mucous Membrane Disorders
    Hair Disorders
    Nail Disorders.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2015