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    Jennifer A. Harvey, David E. March.
    The first question
    Physics facts that will improve your images
    Screening mammography 101 and beyond
    The recalled patient : now what? findings on mammography
    Breast anatomy and physiology : knowing what's normal
    Calcifications made easy
    Management of masses : BI-RADS 2, 3, or 4?
    Multiple circumscribed masses
    Architectural distortion
    Mammographic asymmetries
    Expanding the differential diagnosis : going beyond IDC-NOS screening detection
    Finding cancers in dense tissue
    Measuring and managing breast cancer risk diagnostic exams/management
    The painful and the palpable
    Evaluation of nipple discharge
    The male breast
    Imaging the patient with breast cancer postoperative studies
    The postoperative breast
    Evaluating women with implants interventions
    Breast needle biopsy : tips for challenging cases.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2013