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    Frieder Berr, Tsuneo Oyama, Thierry Ponchon, Naohisa Yahagi, editors.
    Endoscopic Screening and Surveillance-Indications and Standards
    Histopathology of Early Mucosal Neoplasias-Morphologic Carcinogenesis in the GI Tract
    Principles of Endoscopic Resection-Diagnostic and Curative Resection of Mucosal Neoplasias
    Endoscopic Detection and Analysis of Mucosal Neoplastic Lesions
    Enhanced Imaging and Tumor Morphology
    High-resolution Endoscopic Ultrasound -Clinical T-staging of Mucosal Neoplasms
    Squamous Cell-lined Esophagus and Hypopharynx
    Mucosal Neoplasias
    Columnar Epithelium-lined (Barrettś) Esophagus
    Mucosal Neoplasias
    Stomach-Mucosal Neoplasias
    Duodenum and Small Bowel
    Mucosal Neoplasias
    Colorectum-Mucosal Neoplasias
    Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Remission -Mucosal Neoplasias.
    Digital Access Springer 2014