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    edited by Takehide Asano, Norihide Fukushima, Takashi Kenmochi, Naoto Matsuno.
    Summary: In response to persistent donor organ shortages, organs from marginal donors, such as expanded criteria donors (ECD) and donation after cardiac death (DCD) donors, are now accepted and have been successfully transplanted, reducing the waiting times for transplantation. Especially in Japan, transplantation of DCD kidneys has a relatively long history because of the difficulty or lack of national consensus in accepting brain death, which has made it possible to accumulate considerable clinical experience. Thus, the current organ shortage has stimulated interest in the use of marginal donors for transplantation. This book, prepared by distinguished authorities in their fields, is intended for clinicians and researchers. It highlights the use of marginal donors as a comparatively novel source of transplantation organs and provides a thorough overview of marginal donors from their historical origins to recent clinical applications, including the state-of-the-art science of organ/donor management, procurement, and preservation. Also provided is valuable information on ABO-incompatible donors which extend the availability of donor sources. Each chapter offers an individual analysis of the optimal requirements for the safe management and preservation of organs, including the heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, and pancreatic islets.

    1 History of Marginal Donors in the World
    2 Management of Extended Criteria Donors
    3 DCD for Heart Transplantation
    4 ECD for Heart Transplantation
    5 How to Initiate DCD Program for Lung Transplantation
    6 DCD for Lung Transplantation
    7 ECD for Lung Transplantation
    8 LD for Lung Transplantation
    9 How to Initiate DCD Program for Liver Transplantation
    10 DCD for Liver Transplantation
    11 ECD for Adult Liver Transplantation
    12 LD for Liver Transplantation
    13 How to Initiate a DCD Programme for Kidney Transplantation
    14 DCD for Kidney Transplantation
    15 Machine Perfusion Preservation for Kidney Transplantation
    16 ECD for Kidney Transplantation
    17 LD for Kidney Transplantation
    18 DCD for Pancreas Transplantation
    19 ECD for Pancreas Transplantation
    20 LD for Pancreas Transplantation
    21 DCD for Islet Transplantation
    22 ECD for Islet Transplantation
    23 ECD for Small Intestine Transplantation
    24 ABO-Incompatible Donor.
    Digital Access Springer 2014