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    edited by Hans Steiner.
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    Ch. 1. Introduction / Hans Steiner and Alan Schatzberg -- Ch. 2. The development of child and adolescent psychiatry: a brief history / Claire Remy, Julia Huemer, Charles O. Walton, and George Hexter -- Ch. 3. Psychiatric diagnosis, case formulation, and treatment planning along the principles of developmental psychiatry / Hans Steiner, Julia Huemer, Pascale G. Stemmle, Rebecca E. Hall, and R. Chris Hayward -- Ch. 4. Attachment and related psychopathology / Marina Zelenko and Sarah J. Erickson -- Ch. 5. Anxiety and special impulse control disorders / Margo Thienemann, Kyle Hinman, Michael Bloch, and James Leckman -- Ch. 6. Depression and related mood disorders / Kirti Saxena, Graham Emslie, Ryan Williams, and Kiki Chang -- Ch. 7. Bipolar disorder in children and adolescents, Kiki D. Chang, Mehan Howe, Vishal Madaan, and Leena Khazode -- Ch. 8. Traumatic stress and psychopathology / Victor G. Carrion, Sarah J. Erickson, Mary E. Bancroft, Julia Huemer, and Brenda Plattner -- Ch. 9. Learning disorders / Richard D. Abbey -- Ch. 10. ADHD and other disorders of attention regulation / Hans Steiner, Pascale G. Stemmle, Rebecca E. Hall, Shashank V. Joshi, and Paresh D. Patel -- Ch. 11. Aggression / Niranjan Karnik and Hans Steiner -- Ch. 12. Diagnosis, development, and treatment of substance use disorders among adolescents and young adults / Anna Lembke, Keith Humphreys, and Rudolf Moos -- Ch. 13. Somatoform disorders / Richard J. Shaw, Rebecca S. Bernard, and David R. DeMaso -- Ch. 14. Eating disorders in children and adolescents / James Lock and Kathleen Kara Fitzpatrick -- Ch. 15. Autism spectrum disorders / Jennifer Phillips, Mendy Minjarez, Emma Mercier, Carl Feinstein, and Antonio Y. Hardan -- Ch. 16. Psychiatric disorders in individuals with intellectual disabilities / Mendy Minjarez, Jennifer M. Phillips, Carl Felstein, and Antonio Y. Hardan -- Ch. 17. Sleep disorders in children / Rafael Pelayo.