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    Ullmann, Fritz.
    Summary: Covers science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry, containing nearly 1000 major articles with more than 16 million words, nearly 10,000 tables, 30,000 figures, and literature sources and cross-references. It also includes full text index, author index, CAS registry number index, and keyword index.

    1. Agrochemicals
    2. Analytical Techniques
    3. Biochemistry Biotechnology
    4. Chemical Reactions
    5. Dyes and Pigments
    6. Energy
    7. Environmental Protection, Industrial Safety
    8. Fat, Oil, Food and Feed, Cosmetics
    9. Inorganic Chemicals
    10. Materials
    11. Metals and Alloys
    12. Organic Chemicals
    13. Pharmaceuticals
    14. Polymers and Plastics
    15. Processes & Process Engineering
    16. Renewable Resources
    17. Special Topics,
    Digital Access Wiley 2005-