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    Jill C. Cash, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, editor.
    Summary: "We are excited to collaborate on this new sixth edition of Family Practice Guidelines. The guidelines have been written and updated by experienced nurse practitioners. This valuable resource is designed to assist nurse practitioners in organizing and using the content in a quick-reference format"-- Provided by publisher.

    I. Guidelines
    1. Health Maintenance Guidelines
    2. Public Health Guidelines
    3. Pain Management Guidelines
    4. Dermatology Guidelines
    5. Eye Guidelines
    6. Ear Guidelines
    7. Nasal Guidelines
    8. Throat and Mouth Guidelines
    9. Repiratory Guidelines
    10. Cardiovascular Guidelines
    11. Gastrointestinal Guidelines
    12. Genitourinary Guidelines
    13. Obstetrics Guidelines
    14. Gynecological Guidelines
    15. Sexually Transmitted infections Guidelines
    16. Infectious Disease Guidelines
    17. Systemic Disorders Guidelines
    18. Musculoskeletal Guidelines
    19. Neurological Guidelines
    20. Endocrine Guidelines
    21. Rheumatological Guidelines
    22. Psychiatric Guidelines
    23. Assessment Guide for Sport Participation
    II Procedures
    III Client Teaching Guides
    IV. Appendices
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