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    Marc W. Harrold, Robin M. Zavod.
    Summary: "This text will focus upon the basic, fundamental concepts that govern the discipline of medicinal chemistry as well as how and why these concepts are essential to therapeutic decisions. The text will include numerous examples of each concept as well as review questions designed to help readers assess their understanding of these concepts. Each chapter will also include a section that focuses upon the application of the pertinent concepts to therapeutic decisions. The text is meant to be comprehensive in regards to the fundamental chemical concepts that govern drug action; however, it will not discuss every drug or drug class. Through conceptual discussions, examples, and applications, the text should provider with the knowledge and skills to discuss the pertinent chemistry of drug molecules"-- Provided by publisher.

    Functional Group Characteristics and Roles
    Identifying Acidic and Basic Functional Groups
    Solving pH and pKa Problems
    Salts and Solubility
    Drug Binding Interactions
    Stereochemistry and Drug Action
    Drug Metabolism
    Structure Activity Relationships and Basic Concepts in Drug Design
    Whole Molecule Drug Evaluation.
    Digital Access R2Library [2023]