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    edited by Michael S. Ascher, M.D., Petros Levounis, M.D., M.A.
    Summary: Intended for use by clinicians to understand and organize conditions that may not be clearly delineated in DSM-5, this guide features twelves case studies together with an overview of behavioral addictions from neurobiological, theoretical, clinical, and forensic perspectives.--Adapted from Preface.

    Helping people behave themselves : identifying and treating behavioral addictions / Marc N. potenza
    Forensic implications of behavioral addictions / Robert L. Sadoff, Eric Y. Drogin, Samson Gurmu
    Problematic exercise : a case of alien feet / Elias Dakwar
    Food addiction : sugar high / Jessica A. Gold, Kimberly A. Teitelbaum, Mark S. Gold
    Gambling : Lord, I was born a gambling man / Carla J. Rash, Nancy M. Petry
    Internet gaming disorder : virtual or real? / Tolga Taneli, Yu-Heng Guo, Sabina Mushtaq
    Internet addiction : the case of Henry, the "reluctant hermit" / Sean X. Luo, Timothy K. Brennan, Justine Wittenauer
    Texting and e-mail problem use / Tauheed Zaman, Daniel Lache
    Kleptomania : to steal or not to steal : that is the question / Erin Zerbo, Emily Deringer
    Sex addiction : the fire down below / Lisa J. Cohen
    Love addiction : what's love got to do with it? / Alexis Briggie, Clifford Briggie
    Shopping addiction : if the shoe fits, buy it in every color! / Najeeb Hussain, Nicole Guanci, Mahreen Raza, Dmitry Ostrovsky
    Tanning addiction : when orange is the new bronze / Petros Levounis, Omar Mohamed
    Work addiction : taking care of business / Michael Ascher, Jonathan Avery, Yael Holoshitz.
    Digital Access PsychiatryOnline 2015