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    editor, Marc S. Sabatine.
    Summary: "Many readers of Pocket Medicine have commented that they use that book not only on the wards, but also for preparation for their Board exams. To help further address that need, we created Pocket Medicine High-Yield Board Review. The very positive response to the 1st edition suggests we crafted a useful product"-- Provided by publisher.

    CARDIOLOGY / Andrew Abboud, Brett J. Doliner, Rachel C. Frank, Bradley J. Petek, Marc S. Sabatine, Michelle L. O'Donoghue
    PULMONARY / Louisa A. Mounsey, Alison Trainor, Robert Hallowell
    GASTROENTEROLOGY / Zoe N. Memel, Eric M. Przybyszewski, Lawrence S. Friedman
    NEPHROLOGY / Ignacio Portales Castillo, Sarah E. Street, Andrew S. Allegretti
    HEMATOLOGY-ONCOLOGY / Sara Khosrowjerdi, Howard J. Lee, Jr., Thomas J. Roberts, MacLean C. Sellars, Jean M. Connors, Daniel J. DeAngelo, David P. Ryan
    INFECTIOUS DISEASES / Jessica C. O'Neil, Rachel E. Erdil, Kimon C. Zachary
    ENDOCRINOLOGY / Caitlin Colling, Daria Schatoff, Michael Mannstadt
    RHEUMATOLOGY / Zandra E. Walton, Ian D. Cooley, Robert P. Friday
    NEUROLOGY / Rebecca L. Williamson, John Y. Rhee, Daniel S. Harrison, Jillian M. Berkman, Michael P. Bowley.
    Digital Access Ovid 2023