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    Sarah Webber, Jessica Babal, Megan A. Moreno, editors.
    Summary: With growing attention surrounding the importance of physician well-being, organizations are institutionalizing physician well-being efforts. Promoting well-being requires a understanding of the components, barriers and promoters of physician well-being, While other books exist in this space, many are focused on individual resilience-building strategies or are too broad to apply to specific groups of physicians, such as pediatricians. A critical gap in the existing literature is a book that uses an evidence-based model of well-being and applying this model to unique experience of pediatricians. Rather than a work-centric approach, the physician well-being model we describe in this book takes a comprehensive approach to well-being, integrating evidence and expertise from a broad body of well-being research and translating this knowledge to the lives and work of pediatricians. Further, while other texts focus on negative consequences of a lack of well-being, such as burnout, this text is organized around defining, understanding and optimizing well-being. Each chapter will provide strategies for both individual pediatricians and healthcare organizations to consider to improve pediatrician well-being at their institution. This book integrates well-being science from disciplines outside of medicine, offering innovative strategies to addressing this important issue. This is a book designed for pediatricians, health care leaders, and organizations looking to better understand and implement strategies for pediatrician well-being. The authors will take readers on a journey through the history of physician well-being leading to the current state of well-being in the context of modern medical practice, technology, society, policy and family life. Using an integrated model of physician well-being, readers will learn about the current state, solutions, tensions and future directions of physician well-being.

    Part I: Introduction to Pediatrician Well-Being
    Chapter 1: Physician Well-Being Challenges: An Historical Perspective
    Part 1: The Foundation of Organized US Medicine
    Early Century Physician Factions Develop, Creating Divisions and Hierarchies
    Regular Physicians
    Homeopathic Physicians
    Eclectic Physicians
    Physician Factions Enabled Philosophical Divides and Hierarchies in Medicine
    Regulars Fuel Scientific Reductionism and Emotional Minimization
    Homeopaths and Eclectics Assimilate Part 2: The Influence of the Flexner Report (1910)
    Flexner and the Triple-Threat
    Flexner and Mind-Body Dualism in Medicine
    Part 3: Physician Leaders Cultivate Structural Inequities
    Impact of Gender Discrimination, Racism, and Ethnocentrism on Physician Well-Being
    Flexner and Inequities in Medicine
    Part 4: Foundational Shifts in Twentieth Century Healthcare
    Major Shifts in Public Trust of Medicine
    The Boom and the Bust in Twentieth Century Public Trust in Medicine
    Physicians Begin to Advocate for Patient-Centered Care but Mistrust Remained The Corporatization of Medicine
    Personalized Medicine
    The Electronic Health Record (EHR)
    Chapter 2: Defining and Conceptualizing Pediatrician Well-Being
    Part 1: What Is Well-Being?
    "Western" Medicine's Conceptualization of Well-Being
    Key Issues in Current Well-Being Constructs
    The Diversity Problem
    The Individual and the Collective
    Critiques of Happiness
    Where Does Suffering Fit in?
    Toward a More Holistic and Inclusive Model of Well-Being
    The Ecologic System
    Re-defining Self-Care Part 2: Pediatrician and Physician Well-Being
    The Evolution of Physician Well-being
    Part 3: A Model of Pediatrician Well-being
    Sources and Roots of Our Model
    Foundations of Well-Being
    The System
    Physical Environment
    Psychosocial Environment: Culture and Climate
    Well-Being Domains
    Emotional and Psychological Well-Being
    Physical Well-Being
    Meaning and Purpose
    Part II: Challenges to Pediatrician Well-Being
    Chapter 3: Acute and Chronic Illness in the Physician Some Herons
    My Story: The Diagnosis
    28 August 2017 10:00 AM
    20 September 2017 08:00 AM
    26 September 2017 12:00 PM
    27 September 2017 12:00 PM
    Illness in the Physician
    Barriers to Care
    Lack of Support for Physicians with Mental Illness
    Lack of Assistance for Identifying and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Physicians
    My Story: The Treatment
    October 2017
    8 October 2017-4 July 2018
    Paid Sick Leave and FMLA
    My Story: Working while in Treatment, Working while Ill
    1 March 2018
    My Morning Daily Meditation
    Burden of COVID
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