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    Jane Tomimori, Walmar Roncalli Pereira de Oliveira, Carla Ferr√°ndiz-Pulido, Marilia Marufuji Ogawa, editors.
    Summary: The number of solid organ transplant recipients is increasing worldwide every year, which has meant a significant improvement of recipients survival and quality of life. To prevent graft rejection, patients require long-term immunosuppression, which is responsible for their increased risk of neoplastic and infectious diseases. This practical and concise atlas presents the most important dermatoses in solid organ transplant recipients. Providing a guide to diagnosis and appropriate therapy, it helps dermatologists, general practitioners and physicians manage the dermatoses found in organ transplant recipients. The first three chapters discuss immunosuppressive regimens and the prevalence of dermatoses, while the other chapters approach the main diseases didactically, providing a large number of illustrations.

    1. Immunosuppression and solid organ transplantation
    2. Overview of dermatological diseases after transplantation
    3. Cutaneous side effects of immunosuppressive drugs other than neoplasms
    4. Viral Diseases
    5. Bacterial diseases
    6. Mycobacterial diseases
    7. Superficial fungal diseases
    8. Deep Fungal diseases
    9. Parasitic diseases
    10. Sexually transmitted infections
    11. Precancerous manifestations
    12. Squamous cell carcinoma
    13. Basal cell carcinoma
    14. Melanoma
    15. Kaposi sarcoma
    16. Lymphoproliferative diseases
    17. Other rare cancers.
    Digital Access Springer 2022