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    Maxwell Damian, Marianne de Visser, editor.
    Summary: This comprehensive book addresses the acute emergencies in neuromuscular disease from a novel perspective, focusing on clinical management and treatment of these disorders rather than the more traditional neuropathology, neurogenetics, and neurophysiology approaches. The book fills the gap in guidelines by providing an evidence-based guidance for the clinical adult or pediatric neurologist confronted by an acutely ill patient in a potentially life-threatening situation. The book is structured according to pathophysiological principles, but each chapter is strictly organised around case vignettes that emphasize clinical relevance allowing the non-specialist to access complex scientific backgrounds. The electronic supplementary material and multimedia are provided as an integral tool to facilitate accessibility and understanding of a notoriously difficult field of neurology. Finally, the role of patients, who are increasingly involved in many management decisions, is highlighted in a chapter on ethical issues discussing withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining therapy, patient end-of-life values, wishes and preferences, and on advanced directives. The publication is aimed equally at the non-specialist neurologist in frontline clinical practice confronted by a rare disorder needing immediate management decisions, at the clinical specialist referring for guidance in specific management aspects, and at the specialist researcher keen to maintain clinic relevance.

    Recognition and Assessment of the Neuromuscular Emergency
    Diagnostic Tests in the Acute Setting: Strengths and Limitations
    Respiratory Management in Acute Neuromuscular Disease
    Management of Respiratory Emergencies in Chronic Neuromuscular Disease
    Weaning from the Ventilator and Long-Term Respiratory Support
    Emergencies in Motor Neuron Diseases
    Emergencies in Peripheral Neuropathies
    Infectious Diseases of the Peripheral Nerve and Spinal Cord
    The Acute and Emergency Management of Neuromuscular Junction Disorders.
    Digital Access Springer 2022