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    Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.
    Summary: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva's acclaimed Racism without Racists is a provocative book that explodes the belief that America is now a color-blind society. The fifth edition includes a new chapter addressing what readers can do to confront racism, new material on the racial climate post-Obama, new coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement, and more.

    Preface to the fifth edition
    The strange enigma of race in contemporary America
    The new racism : the U.S. racial structure since the 1960s
    The central frames of color-blind racism
    The style of color blindness : how to talk nasty about minorities without sounding racist
    "I didn't get that job because of a black man" : color-blind racism's racial stories
    Peeking inside the (white) house of color blindness : the significance of whites' segregation
    Are all whites refined Archie Bunkers? : an examination of white racial progressives
    Are blacks color blind, too?
    E pluribus unum, or the same old perfume in a new bottle? On the future of racial stratification in the United States
    From Obamerica to Trumpamerica : the continuing significance of color-blind racism
    Conclusion: What is to be done? Talking with your about how to fight color
    Blind racism in America.