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    Gianluca Tamagno, Manuel D. Gahete, editors.
    Summary: Stemming from the ENEA Young Researcher Committee, this didactical book comprehensively discusses all aspects of pituitary adenomas, particularly the practical aspects arising in everyday clinical practice. Offering valuable tips, it serves as a guide for young trainee endocrinologists facing their first cases of pituitary adenomas. It also includes illustrative clinical cases of acromegaly, prolactinomas, Cushing's disease, and TSHomas. In addition, a Questions & Answers section is available online. The mix of fresh enthusiasm and well-established expertise in the field provided by the editors and the committee they belong to make the book both solid and innovative, with an appropriate balance between the traditional knowledge and the most exciting innovations from recent or ongoing research. Written and edited by young researchers active in the field of neuroendocrinology, it is a valuable resource for anyone working or interested in the field.

    Anatomy of the pituitary gland
    Physiology of the pituitary hormone secretion
    Pathogenesis of pituitary adenomas
    Epidemiology of pituitary adenomas
    Clinical case of acromegaly
    Clinical case of prolactinoma
    Cushing disease
    Clinical case of Cushing disease
    Clinical case of TSHoma.
    Digital Access Springer 2022