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    authors, Christopher J. VandenBussche, Erika F. Rodriguez, Derek B. Allison, M. Lisa Zhang
    Summary: "The challenges of cytopathology are difficult to capture in a textbook; in reality, most melanoma cells do not contain pigment, air-drying artifacts alter cytomorphology, and benign respiratory cells may obscure lung carcinoma cells. Specimens of borderline adequacy leave one to question whether a definitive diagnosis can be made. Most cytopathology textbooks present us with ideal cells-the best cells photographed from the best specimens. In reality, these ideal cells may not be seen, nor are they required for a proper diagnosis. In many instances, ideal cells may even be insufficient for a diagnosis if not seen in a particular pattern or context. This atlas presents more than 1500 representative high-quality images. Rather than focus on obscure diagnoses, numerous images from frequently seen diagnoses are included to cover the different preparations, artifacts, and limitations seen during a cytopathology sign out. The most commonly encountered pitfalls are also provided, as well as advice on when and how to hedge"-- Provided by publisher

    Fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid
    Salivary gland and cervical lymph nodes
    Serous effusion cytopathology
    Urinary tract
    Gynecologic tract cytopathology
    Specimen preparation and adequacy
    Digital Access Ovid 2020