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    Marc Hanschen, Peter Biberthaler, James P. Waddell, editors.
    Summary: This book provides a complete overview of the various types of fractures around the knee. Each chapter addresses anatomical key features, surgical procedures, postoperative regimes and complication strategies. International knee experts discuss how to improve nailing techniques as well as pearls and pitfalls for each type of knee fracture. Current clinical outcomes are included throughout and the authors recommend their preferred therapeutic approach and salvage measures if required. Knee Fractures is an essential, go-to resource for orthopaedic surgeons dealing with the total spectrum of simple and complex knee fractures in daily clinical practice.

    Anatomy of the knee
    Epidemiology and Classification of distal femur fractures
    Preoperative planning in distal femur fractures
    External fixation of distal femur fractures
    Nailing of distal femur fractures
    Plating and screwing of distal femur fractures
    Epidemiology and Classification of proximal tibia fractures
    Preoperative planning in proximal tibia fractures
    External fixation of proximal tibia fractures
    Nailing of proximal tibia fractures
    Plating and screwing of proximal tibia fractures
    Epidemiology and Classification of patella fractures
    Preoperative planning in patella fractures
    Wire, screw and plate fixation of patella fractures
    Peri-prosthetic fractures around the knee
    Nonunions around the knee
    Malunion around the knee
    Post traumatic bone defects around the knee
    Geriatric fractures around the knee
    Post-treatment following fractures around the knee.
    Digital Access Springer 2021