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    Samer S. Hoz, Iype Cherian, Ali A. Dolachee, Zahraa F. Al-Sharshahi, Hayder R. Salih, Mohammed A. Al-Rawi, Mohammed A. Al-Dhahir.
    Summary: Neurotrauma in Multiple Choice Questions is the FIRST review book to use the multiple-choice question format in neurosurgical trauma. Students of neurosurgery, the resident, the fellow, the younger neurosurgeon preparing for exams or practice, and even the later stage neurosurgeon are the target audience of this book. The information in this work is in accordance with the most up-to-date best practice evidence, with a style that mirrors the format adopted by the majority of local, regional, and international board examinations. The strategy and format of the questions provide a stepwise progression from definition to surgical decision-making, to a comprehensive and concise overview of neurological trauma.

    Section 1: Cranial Neurotrauma
    Chapter1: Principles, and initial assessment
    Chapter2: Management
    Chapter3: Complications, outcome and other aspects
    Section 2: Spinal Neurotrauma
    Chapter4: Principles, and initial assessment
    Chapter5: Management
    Chapter6: Complications, outcome and other aspects
    Section 3: Peripheral Neurotrauma and Miscellaneous issues
    Chapter7: Peripheral nerves Neurotrauma
    Chapter8: Miscellaneous issues related to Neurotrauma.
    Digital Access Springer 2022