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    edited by Baron F. Branstetter IV.
    Summary: This new edition is a comprehensive source of imaging informatics fundamentals and how those fundamentals are applied in everyday practice. Imaging Informatics Professionals (IIPs) play a critical role in healthcare, and the scope of the profession has grown far beyond the boundaries of the PACS. A successful IIP must understand the PACS itself and all the software systems networked together in the medical environment. Additionally, an IIP must know the workflows of all the imaging team members, have a base in several medical specialties and be fully capable in the realm of information technology. Practical Imaging Informatics has been reorganized to follow a logical progression from basic background information on IT and clinical image management, through daily operations and troubleshooting, to long-term planning. The book has been fully updated to include the latest technologies and procedures, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Written by a team of renowned international authors from the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine and the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics, this book is an indispensable reference for the practicing IIP. In addition, it is an ideal guide for those studying for a certification exam, biomedical informaticians, trainees with an interest in informatics, and any professional who needs quick access to the nuts and bolts of imaging informatics.

    Section I: Medical Imaging
    Introduction to Medical Images
    Medical Terminology
    Imaging Modalities and Digital Images
    Image Post-Processing
    Incorporating Non-Image Data
    Section II: Information Technology
    Computers and Networking
    Data Storage
    Data Security and Patient Privacy
    PACS and Other Image Management Systems
    Ancillary Software
    Section III: Imaging Informatics
    Databases and Data Retrieval
    Standards and Interoperability
    Billing and Coding
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Section IV: Image Interpretation and Support
    Roles and Relationships in Healthcare
    Workflow Steps in Radiology
    Viewing Images
    Reporting and Dictation
    User Governance
    External Data
    Section V: Work Environment and User Training
    Reading Room Design
    Enterprise Distribution
    Customer Relations
    User Training
    Quality Improvement and Workflow Engineering
    Change Management and Acceptance Testing
    Section VI: Operations
    Imaging Quality Assurance
    Disaster Recovery
    Downtime Procedures
    Policy Management and Regulatory Compliance
    Availability and Notification
    Section VII: Project Management
    PACS Readiness and PACS Migration
    Imaging Program Management.
    Digital Access Springer 2021