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    Summary: Designed as a last-minute gut-check before exam day, this guide is written by primary care nurse practitioners who have your back, providing you with quick, digestible nuggets of the most pertinent topics on the FNP and AGNP certification exams. Use this small but mighty book during the last month of your preparation to strengthen your knowledge and tackle the AANPCB or ANCC exam. Organized by body system, this guide covers the key 120+ conditions on the exam, with essential information on signs and symptoms, differential diagnoses, labs and other diagnostic testing, treatment, patient education, and important lifespan and special population considerations. The pharmacology review provides a succinct recap of the most important drug classes you will need to know. Also included are brief summaries of pediatric growth and development and geriatric topics such as geriatric syndromes, frailty, and polypharmacy. Key Features: Offers a succinct, rapid review of the key 120+ conditions on the exam Includes a separate pharmacology review of select drug classes Summarizes pediatric and geriatric concerns, such as growth and development, immunizations, and frailty Provides important alerts, complications, pearls, and pop quiz questions to highlight extra-important information and test your knowledge Includes essential images, such as need-to-know ECG tracings and photos of skin disorders
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