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    Nancy C. Tkacs, Linda L. Herrmann, Randall L. Johnson.
    Summary: This advanced physiology and pathophysiology text is designed to address the specific learning needs of future nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other advanced healthcare providers caring for patients across the lifespan. Focusing on practical applications of physiology, it facilitates in-depth understanding of important pathophysiological concepts as they relate to major disorders commonly seen in clinical practice and includes comprehensive pediatric and geriatric considerations. This knowledge is crucial to providing the foundation required to be an informed and confident clinical decision maker.

    The foundational concepts of clinical practice
    Chemical and biochemical foundations
    Molecular biology, genetics, and genetic diseases
    Cell physiology and pathophysiology
    Infectious disease
    The immune system and leukocyte function
    Blood and clotting
    Gastrointestinal tract
    Nervous system
    Musculoskeletal system
    Endocrine system
    List of abbreviations.
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