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    Min Xue, Jinhua Leng, Felix Wong, editors.
    Summary: This book aims to provide updated facts and treatments for practicing gynecologists and postgraduate doctors to enhance their understanding of pathogenesis, pathology, symptoms and diagnostic imaging technology of adenomyosis, such as to select appropriate treatments, to improve the symptoms, fertility and the quality of life of women with adenomyosis. This book also particularly introduces the new treatment for adenomyosis using the non-invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound ablation treatment. Hopefully, it will provide a better understanding of its operation, effectiveness, and pregnancy outcome, to formulate a more successful treatment strategy for this disease.

    The Incidence and Clinical Impact of Adenomyosis
    The Pathogenesis of Adenomyosis
    The Pathology of Adenomyosis
    The Clinical Features and Diagnosis of Adenomyosis
    Adenomyosis and Pain
    Adenomyosis and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
    Adenomyosis and Infertility
    Ultrasound Manifestation and Classification of Adenomyosis
    MRI Manifestation and Classification of Adenomyosis
    The Medical Treatment of Adenomyosis
    The Surgical Treatment for Adenomyosis
    Uterine Artery Embolization Treatment for Adenomyosis
    Principles and Protocols of HIFU Ablation
    HIFU Ablation
    The Therapeutic Result of HIFU Ablation for Adenomyosis
    Adjuvant Therapy of HIFU Ablation for Adenomyosis.-Pregnancy Outcomes after Myomectomy and HIFU Treatment
    Digital Access Springer 2021