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    Frank J. Rybicki, editor.
    Summary: This book describes how "makers" with no medical experience became and remain clinically important because they utilized 3D printing to produce supplies for healthcare, including medical and non-medical devices, and to improve the quality of life for patients with COVID-19 and those who care for them. It shows how 3D printing became vital during the pandemic due to its broad availability and the inherently digital nature of the work that enables thriving digital exchanges and work in isolation. Subsequent chapters highlight some of the "maker" communities' efforts that made a difference in their part of North America. Each contribution describes the unique experiences, challenges, and successes. While this book is written and edited mostly from a medical perspective, additional input from medical engineers, administrators, attorneys, and public safety officials enables a broad perspective to highlight some of the ingenuity from the North American 3D printing community who responded to the initial case volumes of COVID-19.

    Literature and Media Based Review of Personal Protective Equipment 3D Printing Efforts during COVID-19
    3D Printing and other Manufacturing during COVID-19: Success Stories and Lessons Learned by Makers at the University of Cincinnati
    The role of National Institutes of Health (NIH) 3D Print Exchange in supporting leadership and collaboration for frontline 3D printed personal protective equipment (PPE) efforts
    Crisis Response 3D Printing: Developing and Producing a 3D-Printed Nasopharyngeal Swab for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing
    Rapid 3D Printing Response for Respiratory Support Apparatus Needs: Ventilators, Connectors, and Other Respiratory Support Devices
    Practical Frontline 3D Printing in COVID Response at the Intensive Care Unit: Laryngoscopes and Beyond
    Production of Protective Face Shields in Cincinnati, Ohio USA from the 1819 Innovation Hub at the University of Cincinnati
    3D printing of Face Shields and Ear Tension relief devices during COVID-19 at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
    3D Printing in New York City during the Height of COVID-19: How One Hospital-Based 3D Printing Lab Quickly Pivoted to Create Personal Protective Equipment for Front Line Workers
    3D Printing of Open Source Respirators ( Including N95 Respirators), Surgical Masks and Community Mask Designs to Address COVID-19 Shortages
    Sterilization 3D Printed Parts used as Medical Devices and in the COVID-19 Pandemic
    3D Printing of Non-medical Devices during the COVID-19 pandemic
    The Next Pandemic and Resilience through Strategic Manufacturing Reserves: Applying the Lessons of COVID-19 in Medical 3D Printing and other Manufacturing.
    Digital Access Springer 2021