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    Avinash Kale, editor.
    Intro; Preface; Contents; About the Editor; Abbreviations; 1: Actin Polymerization: A Cellular Perspective for Motility; 1.1 Introduction; 1.1.1 Cancer and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS); 1.1.2 Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disorders; 1.2 Actin: A Vital Player in Cell Motility; 1.2.1 Swimming: A Cellular Motility Phenomenon; 1.2.2 Actin-Driven Cellular Motility; Directional Motility; Cytokinesis; Organelle Transport and Protein Trafficking; 1.3 Gliding Motility; 1.3.1 Gliding Motility in Apicomplexan; Bibliography 2: Actin: The Central Ubiquitous Player in the Phenomenon2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Sequence Analysis of the G-Actin; 2.3 Structure of G-Actin; 2.3.1 3D Structure of G-Actin; Architecture of G-Actin; Loops; S-Loop (Residues 11-16) and G-Loop (Residues 154-161); H-Loop (Residues70-78); Dnase-Binding Loop (D-Loop, Residues 38-52); Loop 60-69; W-Loop (Residues 165-172); Hydrophobic Plug (H-Plug) (Residues 264-273); C-Terminal (Residues 349-375) and N-Terminal (Residues 1-10) Loops; 2.4 Role of Metal Ions 2.5 Conformational States of Actin2.6 Upsi-Phosphate Sensing; 2.7 Filamentous Actin (F-Actin); 2.7.1 Actin Polymerization; 2.8 Mechanism of Actin Polymerization; 2.9 Kinetics of Actin Polymerization; 2.10 Thermodynamics of Actin Polymerization; 2.11 Stability of Actin Filament; 2.12 Drugs Binding to Actin; Bibliography; 3: Formin: The Multidomain Elongator of Actin Polymer; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Localization; 3.3 Function; 3.4 Domain Organization; 3.4.1 Formin Homology-1 (FH1) Domain; 3.4.2 Formin Homology-2 (FH2) Domain; 3.4.3 Diaphanous Autoregulatory Domain (DAD) 3.4.4 Other Accessory Domains3.4.5 Domain-Isotype Relationship; Bibliography; 4: Profilin: The Associates of Formin; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Functions; 4.3 Structure; 4.4 Binding Partners of Profilin; 4.5 Poly-Proline-Binding Site; 4.6 Actin-Binding Sites; 4.7 Affinity of Profilin for Actin; 4.8 Hydrophobic Core; 4.9 Regulators of Profilin; Bibliography; 5: ADF (Actin Depolymerizing Factor): The Breaker of the Polymer in Homeostasis; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Isoforms of ADF; 5.3 Functions; 5.4 Structure; 5.5 Stability of ADF; 5.6 Regulators of ADF; 5.6.1 PIP2; 5.6.2 Phosphorylation; 5.6.3 pH
    Digital Access Springer 2019
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