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    Toshichika Iizumi, Ryuichi Hirata, Ryo Matsuda, editors.
    Summary: This book highlights state-of-the-art research and practices for adaptation to climate change in food production systems (agriculture in particular) as observed in Japan and neighboring Asian countries. The main topics covered include the current scientific understanding of observed and projected climate change impacts on crop production and quality, modeling of autonomous and planned adaptation, and development of early warning and/or support systems for climate-related decision-making. Drawing on concrete real-world examples, the book provides readers with an essential overview of adaptation, from research to system development to practices, taking agriculture in Asia as the example. As such, it offers a valuable asset for all researchers and policymakers whose work involves adaptation planning, climate negotiations, and/or agricultural developments.

    Part I. Introduction
    Chapter 1. An overview of adaptation in agriculture
    Part II. Research towards adaptation
    Chapter 2. The quality of rice grains in Japan
    Chapter 3. Breeding of heat tolerant cultivars of rice in Japan
    Chapter 4. Controlling the depth of soil frost in farm fields in Japan
    Chapter 5. Rice production in Indonesia
    Chapter 6. Tomato greenhouse horticulture
    Chapter 7. Global crop forecasting research
    Chapter 8. China
    Part III. Adaptation practices
    Chapter 9. Agricultural adaptation policy in Japan
    Chapter 10. Information platform for local governments in Japan
    Chapter 11. Supporting tools for national adaptation planning
    Chapter 12. Use of seasonal climate forecasts in agricultural decision makings in Korea and the Philippines
    Chapter 13. Decision support systems for rainfed rice farming in Asia
    Part IV. Potential ways moving forward
    Chapter 14. Farmers roles in adaptation research.
    Digital Access Springer 2019