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    editors, Yi-Wei Tang and Charles W. Stratton.
    Summary: This newly updated edition of the well informed guide covers the more advanced and less cumbersome methods of analysis that embattled hospital microbiology labs must adopt to replace the slow and cumbersome culture-based assays of pathogenic microorganisms.

    Automated Blood Cultures / X.Y. Han
    Laboratory Automation in Clinical Bacteriology / A. Croxatto
    Biochemical Profile-Based Microbial Identification Systems / S. Hafeez and J. Aslanzadeh
    Advanced Phenotypic Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Methods / C.W. Stratton
    Rapid Microbial Antigen Tests / S. Campbell and M.L. Landry
    Antibody Detection: Principles and Applications / Y.F. (Wayne) Wang
    Procalcitonin and Other Host-Response-Based Biomarkers for Evaluation of Infection and Guidance of Antimicrobial Treatment / P. Schuetz, R. Sager, Y. Wirz and B. Mueller
    Functional Assessment of Microbial, Viral, and Parasitic Infections Using Real-Time Cellular Analysis / D. Jin, X. Xu, M. Zheng, A. Mira, B.J. Lamarche and A.B. Ryder
    Cellular Fatty Acid-Based Microbial Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing / N. Parrish and S. Riedel
    MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry-Based Microbial Identification and Beyond / A. Mellmann and J. Müthing
    Transcriptomic Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology / Z.E. Holcomb and E.L. Tsalik
    The Use of Microbial Metabolites for the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases / M.J. Thalavitiya Acharige, S.S. Koshy and S. Koo
    Nucleic Acid Extraction and Enrichment / J.H. Shin
    Nonamplified Probe-Based Microbial Detection and Identification / F. Wu, T. Hong and P. Della-Latta
    Molecular Typing Techniques: State of the Art / R.V. Goering
    PCR and Its Variations / E.A. Powell and M. Loeffelholz
    Non-PCR Amplification Techniques / R.C. She, T.E. Schutzbank and E.M. Marlowe
    Real-Time and Digital PCR for Nucleic Acid Quantification / A.J. McAdam
    Direct Nucleotide Sequencing for Amplification Product Identification / T. Hong
    Solid and Suspension Microarrays for Detection and Identification of Infectious Diseases / S. Dunbar, J. Farhang, S. Das, S. Ali and H. Qian
    Real-Time Detection of Amplification Products Through Fluorescence Quenching or Energy Transfer / C. Otto and S. Huang
    PCR/Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry as an Infectious Disease Diagnostic Tool / V. Özenci and K. Strålin
    Nucleic Acid Amplicons Detected and Identified by T2 Magnetic Resonance / J.L. Snyder, H.S. Lapp, Z.-X. Luo, B. Manning and T.J. Lowery
    Molecular Contamination and Amplification Product Inactivation / S. Sefers and J.E. Schmitz.
    Digital Access Springer 2018