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    W. Gray (Jay) Jerome, Robert L. Price, editors.
    Summary: Basic Confocal Microscopy, Second Edition builds on the successful first edition by keeping the same format and reflecting relevant changes and recent developments in this still-burgeoning field. This format is based on the Confocal Microscopy Workshop that has been taught by several of the authors for nearly 20 years and remains a popular workshop for gaining basic skills in confocal microscopy. While much of the information concerning fluorescence and confocal microscopy that made the first edition a success has not changed in the six years since the book was first published, confocal imaging is an evolving field and recent advances in detector technology, operating software, tissue preparation and clearing, image analysis, and more have been updated to reflect this. Several of these advances are now considered routine in many laboratories, and others such as super resolution techniques built on confocal technology are becoming widely available.

    Chapter 1 Introduction and Historical Perspective
    Chapter 2 The Theory of Fluorescence
    Chapter 3 Fluorescence Microscopy
    Chapter 4 Specimen Preparation
    Chapter 5 Labeling Considerations for Confocal Microscopy
    Chapter 6 Digital Imaging
    Chapter 7 Confocal Digital Image Capture
    Chapter 8 Types of Confocal Instruments: Basic Principals and Advantages and Disadvantages
    Chapter 9 Setting the Operating Parameters
    Chapter 10 3D Reconstruction of Confocal Image Data
    Chapter 11 Analysis of Image Similarity and Relationship
    Chapter 12 Ethics and Resources.
    Digital Access Springer 2018