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  • Book
    edited by Susan B. Hassmiller, Joyce Pulcini.
    Summary: This book is distinctive in its focus on Advanced Practice Nursing leadership globally. It has a unique structure, first highlighting global APN leadership and then including case studies on leadership from various regions around the world. This beneficial and practical book has a specific emphasis on academic, clinical and policy leadership and is relevant for all readers. Finally, a section on leadership development focuses on coaching and mentoring, business acumen, collaboration and patient advocacy provides an important contribution. Authors are distinguished APN leaders from around the world along with junior authors who are emerging leaders being mentored by these leaders. This book will appeal to APN clinicians, students and emerging leaders who want to bring important global lessons to their work. The book will become an indispensable part of the libraries of all APN leaders at all stages in their development worldwide.

    Section I. Introduction
    Chapter 1. Leadership: What makes a great leader: What is leadership?
    Section II. Global APN Nursing Leadership
    Chapter 2. Perspectives from the ICN- on INPANP Network
    Chapter 3. Nursing NOW
    Chapter 4. Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action
    Chapter 5. Sigma's contribution to global APN leadership
    Section III. Case studies in APN Leadership at the regional Level
    Chapter 6. Latin America and the Caribbean
    Chapter 7. Middle East
    Chapter 8. Africa
    Chapter 9. Asia
    Chapter 10. New Zealand
    Chapter 11. Canada
    Chapter 12. Europe/UK
    Chapter 13. US
    Section IV. Academic Leadership
    Chapter 14. Maintaining standards as the role is defined
    Chapter 15. Paving the way as Academic Leaders
    Chapter 16. Moving the APN concept forward through education and curricular leadership
    Chapter 17. Developing NP Education in Africa
    Section V. Clinical Leadership
    Chapter 18. Creating strong clinical networks
    Chapter 19. Clinical Leadership
    Chapter 20. Joy in Work/self care/resilience, clinician well being
    Section VI. Leadership Development
    Chapter 21. Building a legacy of leadership through coaching and mentorship
    Chapter 22. Collaborative Leadership by consensus building with stakeholders within and outside of nursing
    Chapter 23. Leadership using entrepreneurship, financial management and business acumen
    Chapter 24. Advocacy for nursing and for patient
    Chapter 25. NGOs and Global Leadership Development .
    Digital Access Springer 2020