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    [edited by] Arash Salardini, José Biller.
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Hospital Neurology
    Chapter 2: Potential Harms to Physician and Patient
    Chapter 3: General Care of the Hospitalized Patient
    Chapter 4: Womenʹs Issues in Hospital Neurology
    Chapter 5: Principles of Care for the Hospitalized Geriatric Patient
    Chapter 6: Chronic Pain in Neurological Patients
    Chapter 7: Infections of the Central Nervous System
    Chapter 8: The Neurological Examination
    Chapter 9: Neurophysiology
    Chapter 10: Imaging
    Chapter 11: Interpretation of Common Laboratory Tests
    Chapter 12: Common Laboratory Diagnosed Conditions
    Chapter 13: Stroke Neurology
    Chapter 14: First-Time Seizure Episode and Status Epilepticus in Adults
    Chapter 15: Neurotrauma and Myelopathies
    Chapter 16: Neuromuscular Emergencies
    Chapter 17: Movement Disorders Emergencies
    Chapter 18: Some Common Neurological Emergencies
    Chapter 19: Cardiovascular Emergencies on the Neurology Wards
    Chapter 20: Airway and Respiratory Emergencies on the Neurology Ward
    Chapter 21: Principles of Neurocritical Care
    Chapter 22: Altered Mental Status
    Chapter 23: Aphasia
    Chapter 24: Spells, Not Epileptic or Vascular
    Chapter 25: Approach to Acute Visual Changes, Abnormal Eye Movements, and Double Vision
    Chapter 26: Dizziness and Vertigo
    Chapter 27: Headache and Facial Pain
    Chapter 28: Neurologic Patterns of Weakness
    Chapter 29: Gait Disorders
    Chapter 30: The Ataxias
    Chapter 31: Epilepsy
    Chapter 32: Rapidly Progressing Dementias
    Chapter 33: Chronically Progressing Dementias
    Chapter 34: Movement Disorders
    Chapter 35: Perioperative Management
    Chapter 36: Coma and Other States of Altered Consciousness
    Chapter 37: Genetic Neurological Diseases in the Adult
    Chapter 38: Spinal Cord Neurology
    Chapter 39: Back, Neck, and Limb Pain
    Chapter 40: Approach to Sensory Changes
    Chapter 41: Neuropathies and Motor Neuron Disease
    Chapter 42: Myopathies and Neuromuscular Junction Disease
    Chapter 43: Demyelinating Diseases
    Chapter 44: Common Tumors of the Nervous System
    Chapter 45: Common Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Disorders
    Chapter 46: Common Metabolic Problems on the Neurology Wards
    Chapter 47: Common Cardiorespiratory Problems on the Neurology Ward
    Chapter 48: Fever, Hypotension, and Reduced Urine Output
    Chapter 49: Common Psychiatric Conditions
    Chapter 50: Adverse Neurologic Effects of Commonly Used Medications
    Chapter 51: Internal Medicine and Neurology
    Chapter 52: Medication and Dosing.
    Digital Access AccessNeurology 2016