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    Thomas L. Archer, editor.
    Summary: With 32 engaging and dramatic cases and 174 colorful, insightful and innovative graphics, this book takes a fresh, creative and highly visual approach to the fundamentals of obstetric anesthesia as well as emerging knowledge and three emerging technologies: 1) pre-procedural ultrasound to facilitate neuraxial block placement, 2) point-of-care transthoracic echocardiography to guide maternal resuscitation, and 3) electrical cardiometry to trend maternal cardiac output and avoid fetal hypoxia. Besides discussing the threats to fetal oxygenation presented by labor and the avoidance of maternal and fetal complications while providing excellent anesthesia, the book also explores the psychological and behavioral dimensions of obstetric anesthesia practice and promotes the obstetric anesthesiologist as a valued member of the obstetric care team who makes unique, insightful and empathic contributions to the overall excellent care of pregnant patients. Obstetric Anesthesia: A Case-Based and Visual Approach is an indispensable resource for medical students, residents, fellows, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and obstetricians.

    Section One: Pregnancy, anesthesia and threats to fetal oxygenation
    Chapter 1: Normal pregnancy, labor and delivery
    without epidural analgesia
    Chapter 2: Neuraxial anesthesia and the supine position cause non-reassuring fetal status
    Chapter 3: Hyperstimulation
    Chapter 4: Scheduled repeat Cesarean delivery
    Section Two: Postpartum hemorrhage
    Chapter 5: Uterine atony: the most common cause of postpartum hemorrhage
    Chapter 6: Hypovolemic shock
    Chapter 7: A traumatic cesarean delivery with consumptive coagulopathy
    Chapter 8: Trial of labor after cesarean delivery (TOLAC), with uterine dehiscence and emergency cesarean delivery under general anesthesia
    Section Three: More obstetric crises
    Chapter 9: High spinal
    Chapter 10: Prolapsed umbilical cord
    Chapter 11: A patient delivers vaginally after an eclamptic seizure
    Chapter 12: Cesarean delivery under general anesthesia in a septic patient
    Section Four: More challenging cases
    Chapter 13: Morbidly obese preeclamptic patient with difficult IV access for urgent cesarean delivery
    Chapter 14: Patient with known placenta previa and accreta for elective cesarean hysterectomy
    Chapter 15: A patient with severe idiopathic pulmonary hypertension delivers her fourth child
    Section 5: Successful neuraxial anesthesia
    Chapter 16: Fooling ourselves: intravenous fentanyl creates the illusion of a successful epidural
    Chapter 17: What not to do during uterine contractions
    three vignettes with one simple lesson
    Chapter 18: A one-sided epidural
    Chapter 19: Dosing an epidural for "back labor."
    Chapter 20: Management of a patient with an unsatisfactory labor epidural, now going for cesarean delivery
    Chapter 21: Rescuing a low spinal
    Chapter 22: A failed epidural followed by a failed spinal (Part 1)
    Chapter 23: A failed epidural followed by a failed spinal (Part 2)
    Chapter 24: Labor epidural for a patient with scoliosis
    Section 6: Anesthetic complications
    Chapter 25: Wrong medication
    Chapter 26: Headache after dural puncture with an epidural needle. -Chapter 27: Neurological deficit after neuraxial analgesia for labor and vaginal delivery
    Chapter 28: Left sciatic neuropathy after cesarean delivery in an obese, diabetic patient
    Chapter 29: Vasopressin, used as a vasopressor during cystoscopy, causes non-reassuring fetal status
    Chapter 30: Emergency cesarean delivery after repair of an ankle fracture
    Chapter 31: Another spinal mishap
    Section 7: Dysfunctional labor and uterine oxygenation: a theory
    Chapter 32: Cardiac output-guided resuscitation of the uterus: an obese patient has dysfunctional labor which resolves with position change. Coincidence or possible therapy?.
    Digital Access Springer 2020