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    Amy R. Koehn, editor.
    Summary: "Written by leading APRN neonatal educators and clinicians, this authoritative study guide delivers all the tools neonatal nurse practitioners need to pass the National Certification Corporation (NCC) certification exam and the Continuing Competency Assessment (CCA). User friendly and concise, this review's content mirrors that of the actual exam and is structured in accordance with the most updated test plan blueprint. This resource's numerous exam-style questions and answers with rationales included in each chapter help readers uncover gaps in their knowledge. This review synthesizes the knowledge required to pass the exam, saving the reader time and effort by omitting extraneous material. In addition to spotlighting essential content throughout the text, recommended references provide the reader with the option to seek out additional information as needed. Additional benefits include important information about the exam along with savvy study and test-taking tips"--Publisher's description.

    Maternal history in the antepartum
    Maternal history in the intrapartum
    The neonatal physical exam
    Clinical laboratory test and diagnostic procedures, techniques, and equipment use for the neonate
    Communication and parent/infant interaction
    Family integration: the grieving process
    Discharge planning and follow-up
    Resuscitation and delivery room stabilization
    Neonatal nutrition
    Fluids and electrolytes
    Principles of neonatal pharmacology
    Pharmacology: common drug therapies
    The neurologic system
    The cardiac system
    The pulmonary system
    The gastrointestinal system
    The renal system
    The endocrine/metabolic system
    The hematopoietic system
    Neonatal infectious diseases
    The musculoskeletal system
    Integumentary system
    Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat
    Intrauterine drug exposure
    Evidence-based practice
    Legal, ethical, and communication issues
    Patient safety
    Nursing research
    Final practice exam
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