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    [edited by] Mary Jo Goolsby, Laurie Grubbs.
    Summary: Step by step, you'll hone your ability to perform effective health assessments, obtain valid data, interpret the findings, and recognize the range of conditions that can be indicated by specific findings to reach an accurate differential diagnosis. You'll have coverage of 170 conditions and symptoms across the lifespan at your fingertips.

    Assessment and clinical decision-making : an overview
    Genomic assessment : interpreting findings and formulating differential diagnoses
    Head, face, and neck
    The eye
    Ear, nose, mouth, and throat
    Cardiac and peripheral vascular systems
    Respiratory system
    Genitourinary system
    Male reproductive system
    Female reproductive system
    Musculoskeletal system
    Neurological system
    Nonspecific complaints
    Psychiatric mental health
    Pediatric patients
    Pregnant patients
    Assessment of the transgender or gender diverse adult
    Older adults
    Persons with disabilities.
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