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    Mieczyslaw Polorski, editor.
    This book focuses on recent advances regarding clinical conditions and ailments whose mechanisms remain unclear, limiting our ability to treat them. The respective chapters address a range of multidisciplinary topics related to timely or emergent research areas, such as osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, the optimal surgical procedures for vertebral compression fractures, novel rehabilitative approaches in pelvic muscle training in case of urinary incontinence, and a rational approach to balneotherapy not only for the skin but also other organ systems disorders. Alterations in the endocrine function during strenuous physical activity at high altitude - a multi-stressor environment comprising hypobaric hypoxia, exercise, and nutritional changes - are presented as well. Other articles provide evidence-based insights into the diagnosis, mechanisms, and clinical course of respiratory infections in children such as bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and influenza. Finally, the pros and cons of e-health are discussed; a rapidly growing area based on the use of information and communication technology to streamline the flow of health information and patient-healthcare provider connections. The content is a well-structured blend of research and practical aspects, as well as updates on cutting-edge developments. All these essential topics are presented in a format suitable for medical professionals engaged in day-to-day patient care and therapy, as well as researchers, academics, and physiotherapists.
    Digital Access Springer 2019