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    Gopal B. Saha.
    Summary: This book is a collection of all pertinent information on radiation safety applicable in nuclear medicine and research using radioactive materials. Radiation exposure causes harm to humans and is strictly controlled by several regulatory authorities (NRC, FDA, EPA, DOT, etc). The practice of nuclear medicine involves the use of radioactive materials in patients and research, and is well regulated by these agencies. However, information on radiation safety practice in nuclear medicine and research areas is scattered throughout the literature and federal registers. For busy nuclear technologists and professionals, it is quite time consuming to look for and acquire specific information and instructions to follow in radiation-related occasions and incidents. This guide provides ready-made, handy information on radiation safety as required in the practice of nuclear medicine, presented in a concise form for easy understanding and quick reference related to a given situation and/or incident. This is an ideal reference for nuclear medicine physicians, nuclear medicine technologists, and researchers using radioactive materials.

    Basic Physics in Radiation Safety
    Essential Equipment in Radiation Safety
    Radiation Units and Absorbed Dose
    Radiation Protection
    Radiation Exposure
    Regulatory Framework for Radiation Protection
    Medical Uses of Radioactive Materials
    Training and Experience of Personnel
    Emergency Procedures
    Radioactive Waste Disposal
    Biological Effects of Radiation
    Transportation of Radioactive Material.
    Digital Access Springer 2019