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    Gérard M. Scortecci, editor.
    Summary: This manual will help oral implantologists to understand the principles that underlie the use of basal implants as a means to provide simple solutions to complex and highly demanding clinical situations without the need for prior bone grafting. It will also serve as a richly illustrated practical guide to application of the technique. The book is in three parts, the first of which discusses basic principles and related themes, including osteogenesis, osseointegration, cortical anchorage stability, biomechanics, surgical techniques, and basal implant prosthodontics. Step-by-step guidance is then offered on the application of these principles, focusing on operating techniques, 3D treatment planning, transitional and final screw-secured prostheses, and postoperative follow-up. The third part of the book addresses a wide range of clinical situations that can be treated by basal implantology, with particular attention to the treatment of high, thin alveolar ridges and the atrophic maxilla and mandible and to the correction of previous implant failures. Potential complications and postimplantation neuropathies are also discussed, with guidance on their management.

    Basic Principles of Basal Implantology: Definition and Goals of Basal Implantology
    Principles of Initial Bone Bed Preparation
    The Stability Principle
    3D Implant Planning for Basal Implantology
    Basal Implantology Techniques. Step by Step Guide to Basal Implantology: Patient Selection and Treatment Planning
    Priorities in Extreme Situations
    Atraumatic Operating Techniques
    Post-Operative Follow-up. Clinical Situations: Type of Edentulism
    Single Tooth Replacement with Basal Implants
    Multiple Tooth Replacements With Basal Implants
    Complete Edentulism; the Atrophic Maxilla and/or Mandible. Maintenance, Long-Term Follow-up and Correction of Problems: Maintenance
    Long-Term Follow-up
    Correction of Problems.
    Digital Access Springer 2019