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    Dora M. Lam-Himlin, Elizabeth A. Montgomery, Christina A. Arnold.
    Summary: "This will be a new series for the Pathology program based on the popularity of Arnold/Atlas of Gastrointestinal Pathology: A Pattern Based Approach to Neoplastic Biopsies. This proposed series strives to teach pathology in a format that more closely mirrors daily sign-out. Each title will feature the true spectrum of pathology and how to navigate efficiently to the correct diagnosis. Disease processes are grouped by their histologic pattern of injury, an approach which closely approximates the method by which experienced pathologists mentally approach daily sign-out. These titles will be atlas-based and contain over 1000 images to fully illustrate the diagnostic process. This series is not intended to be an exhaustive description of each entity, but rather a scope-side sign-out tool that aids pathologists in achieving the correct diagnosis, finding the pertinent information, and assembling a thorough and streamlined pathology report. As a compliment to the current Arnold title, this new volume will focus on neoplastic biopsies. It will feature over 1500 photomicrographs capturing the subtle morphologic spectrum of pathologic processes of the tubular GI tract. Each image will be narrated with key diagnostic considerations and will feature call-outs showing subtle features and diagnostic clues. Check-lists for key elements of the diagnostic approach and sample notes for inclusion in pathology reports will be integrated into the text. To supplement the spectrum of microscopic images, relevant endoscopic images, photographs of select gross specimens, and medical figures will be provided. Practical tables emphasizing salient clinicopathologic features, management implications, and therapeutic options will be included when relevant"--Provided by publisher.
    Digital Access Ovid 2019