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    edited by Mauro Moscucci ; associate editors, Mauricio G. Cohen, Stanley J. Chetcuti.
    Integrated imaging modalities in the cardiac catheterization laboratory / Michael S. Kim and Robert A. Quaife
    Complications of percutaneous coronary intervention / Mauro Moscucci
    Percutaneous vascular access : transfemoral, transseptal, apical, and transcaval approach / Michael David Dyal and Claudia A. Martinez
    Radial artery approach / Carlos Enrique Alfonso, Tejas Patel, and Mauricio G Cohen
    Cutdown approach : femoral, axillary, direct aortic, and transapical / Ross Michael Reul, Philip L. Auyang, and Michael Joseph Reardon
    Catheterization in childhood and adult congenital heart disease / Ada C. Stefanescu Schmidt, Samuel L. Casella, Michael J. Landzberg, and Diego Porras
    Pressure measurements / Mauro Moscucci and Calin V. Maniu
    Hemodynamics of tamponade, constrictive, and restrictive physiology / Yogesh N.V. Reddy, Mauro Moscucci, and Barry A Borlaug
    Pitfalls in the evaluation of hemodynamic data / Mauro Moscucci
    Coronary angiography and cardiac ventriculography / Robert N. Piana, Aaron Kugelmass, and Mauro Moscucci
    Coronary anomalies / Mauro Moscucci
    Pulmonary angiography / Kyung J. Cho
    Angiography of the aorta and peripheral arteries / Hector Tamez, Thomas M. Tu, Ruby Lo, and Duane S. Pinto
    Myocardial and coronary blood flow and metabolism / Mathew Liakos, Kiran V. Reddy, and Allen Jeremias
    Intravascular imaging / Masayasu Ikutomi, Yasuhiro Honda, Peter J. Fitzgerald, and Paul G. Yock
    Endomyocardial biopsy / Mauro Moscucci
    Percutaneous circulatory support : intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation : impella, tandem heart, and extracorporeal bypass / Carlos D. Davila, Michele Esposito, and Navin K. Kapur
    Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty / Mauro Moscucci
    Atherectomy, thrombectomy, and distal protection devices / Karim M. Al-azizi and Aaron Kugelmass
    Coronary stenting / Mauro Moscucci
    Percutaneous interventions for valvular heart disease / Hong Jun (Francisco) Yun, and Stanley J. Chetcuti
    Interventions for adult structural heart disease / Hong Jun (Francisco) Yun, and Stanley J. Chetcuti
    Peripheral interventions / Jayendrakumar S. Patel, Samir R. Kapadia and Mehdi H. Shishehbor
    Thoracic aortic endovascular repair / Arnoud Kamman, Karen M. Kim, David M. Williams, and Himanshu J. Patel
    Percutaneous epicardial techniques / Juan F. Viles-Gonzalez and Andre D'Avila.
    Digital Access Ovid 2019