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    Evan M. Forman and Meghan L. Butryn.
    Summary: 'Effective Weight Loss' presents 25 detailed sessions of an empirically supported, cognitive-behavioural treatment package called Acceptance-Based Behavioral Treatment (ABT).

    Information about weight loss and this treatment program
    Chapter 1: Session 1: Welcome
    Chapter 2: Session 2: Calorie Cutting Keys
    Chapter 3: Session 3: Goal Setting, and Weighing and Measuring
    Chapter 4: Session 4: Labels, Planning, and Calorie Accounting
    Chapter 5: Session 5: Control What You Can, Accept What You Can't; the Home Food Environment
    Chapter 6: Session 6: Physical Activity and Willingness (Part 1)
    Chapter 7: Session 7: Willingness (Part 2) and Values
    Chapter 8: Session 8: Forming Good Habits and Flexibility
    Chapter 9: Session 9: Restaurant Eating: Handling Weekends and Special Occasions
    Chapter 10: Session 10: Barriers to Living a Valued Life
    Chapter 11: Session 11: Friends and Family
    Chapter 12: Session 12: Introduction to Defusion and Urge Surfing
    Chapter 13: Session 13: Strategies to Help Defuse and Increase Willingness
    Chapter 14: Session 14: Review of Dietary Principles, Mindless Eating (Part 1), and Portion Sizes
    Chapter 15: Session 15: Mindful Eating (Part 2) and Mindful Decision-Making
    Chapter 16: Session 16: Transitioning to Bi-Weekly Meetings
    Chapter 17: Session 17: Maintaining Losses over the Long Term
    Chapter 18: Session 18: Willingness and Reducing Barriers to Physical Activity
    Chapter 19: Session 19: Committed Action
    Chapter 20: Session 20: Overeating and Emotional Eating
    Chapter 21: Session 21: Lapse vs. Relapse/ and Reversing Small Weight Gains
    Chapter 22: Session 22: Revisiting Commitment and Transition to Monthly/Bi-Monthly Meetings
    Chapter 23: Session 23: Maintaining Motivation
    Chapter 24: Session 24: Looking Ahead
    Chapter 25: Session 25: Celebrating Accomplishments
    Appendix A: Keeping Track Form
    Appendix B: In-Session Weight Change Record
    Appendix C: Home Weight Change Record
    Appendix D: Weekly Review
    Appendix E: Worksheets.
    Digital Access Oxford 2016