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    [edited by] Carole Kenner, PhD, NNP, RN, FAAN, Judy Wright Lott, PhD, NNP-BC, RN, FAAN.
    Summary: Neonatal nurses face an ever-changing practice landscape that requires swift decisions and actions. This is an up-to-date, comprehensive, quick reference resource written specifically for neonatal nurses throughout the globe. Designed for speedy information retrieval, it encompasses vital information about commonly encountered conditions and procedures on the neonatal unit. The handbook is written by outstanding neonatal practitioners in accessible language and consistently formatted for ease of use. Illustrations, diagrams and flow charts enhance information, which is divided into sections covering Systems Assessment and Management of Disorders, Special Care Considerations, and Procedures and Diagnostic Tests. Appendices deliver such valuable tools for clinical practice as a list of common abbreviations and pertinent web resources. Also included are downloadable, digital, patient management tools, reusable templates, and quick-reference calculation tools. -- Provided by publisher.

    Respiratory system / Katherine Newman
    Cardiovascular system / Samual Mooneyham
    Neurologic system / Georgia Ditzenberger, Susan T. Blackburn, Beth Brown, and Leslie Altimier
    Gastrointestinal system / Ann Phalen and Michele Savin
    Renal system / Leslie Parker
    Hematologic and immune systems / Carole Kenner
    Nutrition / Ruth Lucas, Carrie-Ellen Briere, and Ksenia Zukowsky
    Surgical care section / Michele DeGrazia
    Skin care / Carolyn Lund
    Developmental care / Xiaomei Cong
    The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) environment / Leslie B. Altimier
    Palliative care / Anita Catlin, & Charlotte Wool
    Transition to home and primary care / Marina Boykova, & Carole Kenner
    Procedures / section editor, Patricia Johnson
    Diagnostic tests / section editor, Samual Mooneyham
    Common lab values / Samual Mooneyham
    Common drugs : medication guide / Beth Shields.
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