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  • Book
    Matthew J. Budoff, Stephan S. Achenbach, Harvey S. Hecht, Jagat Narula, editors.
    Digital : Springer2018
    Historical Perspective -- Preparation, Image Acquisition and Reconstruction, and Post-Processing -- Normal Coronary Anatomy -- Coronary Artery Calcium in Primary Prevention -- Assessment of Native Coronary Artery Disease -- Imaging of High-Risk Atherosclerotic Plaques -- Coronary Stents: Evaluation and Follow-up -- Cardiac CT Before and After Bypass Graft Surgery -- Functional Significance of Coronary Stenoses Identified by CT -- The Role of Cardiac CT in the Emergency Department -- Imaging Diseases of the Aorta -- Imaging Peripheral Vasculature, Including Carotids -- Valvular Diseases and Interventions -- Role of Computed Tomography in the Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias -- Myocardial Function and Viability -- Coronary Artery Anomalies Congenital Heart Disease -- Devices and Implants -- Appropriateness Use Criteria and Guidelines for CT Use.