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    Giuseppe Buonocore, Carlo Valerio Bellieni, editors.
    PART I Delivery and Pain
    Gonadal Hormones and Pain Modulation
    Stress and Pregnancy: CRF as Biochemical Marker
    Pain Control During Labour
    PART II Fetal Pain
    Ultrasound and Fetal Stress: Study of the Fetal Blink-Startle Reflex Evoked by Acoustic Stimuli
    Prenatal Affective Exchanges and Their Subsequent Effects in Postnatal Life
    Pain in the Fetus
    New Insights into Prenatal Stress: Immediate and Long-Term Effects on the Fetus and Their Timing
    PART III Neonatal Pain
    Pain Assessment and Spectral Analysis of Neonatal Crying
    Analgesic Procedures in Newborns
    Nonpharmacological Treatment of Neonatal Pain
    Sensory Saturation: An Analgesic Method
    Pharmacologic Analgesia in the Newborn
    Physical Stress Risk Agents in Incubators
    Fetal surgery analgesia
    PART IV Pain: a Risk Factor for Brain Damage
    Neonatal Stressors
    New Insights into Neonatal Hypersensitivity
    From the Gate-Control Theory to Brain Programs for Neonatal Pain
    PART V Pain and Communication
    Disclosure of Pathology to the Newborn's Family
    Communication of Diagnosis: Pain and Grief in the Experience of Parents of Children with a Congenital Malformation
    Invest in Prenatal Life: A High-Yield Stock.
    Digital Access Springer 2017